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Do Practical Work for the Masses | Chinese Medical Team in Niger Provided Free Clinic at Kandadji Project
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On July 17, a group of 30 medical personnel from the Chinese medical team in Niger went to the site of the Kandadji Hydropower Station project in Niger undertaken by CGGC to provide free medical treatment for all employees. This free clinic is one of the activities of "Do Practical Work for the Masses". Under the care of the Chinese Embassy in Niger, the medical team made careful plans, supported by the contacting work done by the Niger Subsidiary and the organizing and implementing of the activity by the Project Department, taking care of the health of more than 80 Chinese employees of the Company in Niger, and caring for both their physical and mental health.

Scene of free clinic

The free clinic mainly includes consultation and diagnosis on medical, surgical, rehabilitation, and traditional Chinese medicine, training on first aid, epidemic prevention and control, public education of health knowledge, and delivering medicine, etc.

In the context of the severe global epidemic situation, the Company's branches in Niger worked together with multiple partners to strengthen the regular communication and cooperation with the medical team in Niger and further improve the joint prevention and control mechanism, making rational use of local medical resources to ensure health and safety of workers and staff.

Visit the project site

This year marks the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and also an essential year for the construction of the Kandadji Hydropower Station. On the premise of ensuring project safety and staff health, the Company comprehensively pushed forward project performance and boosted the rapid and high-quality development of its international business. As of mid-July, the excavation of the foundation pit, sand and gravel system, mixing system, power generation system and water supply system of Phase I of the dam have been basically completed, the sand and gravel system has been put into operation, and the construction of quarries and labor camps has started in an all-round way.

The Kandadji Hydropower Station Project is a "Three Gorges Project" of Niger and one of the major projects of the "Belt and Road" construction. The catchment area of the project reservoir is about 393,000 km², the total storage capacity is 1.5 billion m³, the installed capacity of the power station is 130 MW, and the average annual power generation after completion can reach 617 million kWh. The Project, upon completion, will not only provide power for the economic development of Niger, but also greatly promote the development and improvement of local agricultural irrigation, public drinking water and ecological environment.


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