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Localization Training of Kaliti Project Department in Ethiopia Wrapped Up
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The training aims to impart China's water technology standards in person. In July, 24 engineers of the employer, who were responsible for the sewerage operation and maintenance of  the Ethiopian capital, successfully passed the first and second-stage training on the sewage plant operation and maintenance organized by the Kaliti Project Department of CGGC with remarkable performance. These 24 engineers will, upon the expiration of the project operation and maintenance contracts, take place of the Chinese engineers to independently carry out the operation and management of the largest sewage treatment plant in Ethiopia and even in East Africa.

The first batch of students who have obtained certificates

Providing technical support and training for the local technical operation team are among the key steps in implementing the Kaliti Project. The training, initiated by the Water Authority of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and organized and given by the Kaliti Project Department, was given in English and is divided into three parts: theoretical training, on-site training and SCADA system training, with a duration of 2 months.

The training was characterized by "special personnel, unfamiliar geographical areas, strong professionalism and great attention". To ensure the actual effect of the training, the Kaliti Project Department has made meticulous arrangements in the early-stage preparation of the program, selection of teaching staff, assessment and incentive, cultural integration, epidemic prevention and control, and logistics. The training also put in place a teacher-in-charge for learning, which can effectively guarantee the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of the training through the rolling teaching of written explanation, practical operation and classroom quizzes. In addition, the whole-process training archives of the trainees have been established to provide a clear basis for subsequent selection and use of operation personnel by the employer.

Practice is an important index to test the training results. By setting up several training modules such as simulation operation, technical competition and on-site practical training, the Kaliti Project Department conducted the training from various aspects such as process flow and equipment maintenance of water plant operation, to comprehensively enhance the theoretical and practical ability of the trainees. After two months of intensive training, all the 24 trainees were assessed as 100% qualified.

At the completion ceremony of the training, Mr. Zerihun, Director of the Capital Water Authority of Ethiopia, said that, the completion ceremony was the starting point instead of the ending point for all trainees, and that the two sides should sum up their experience in continuing the job training to practically enhance the operation and management ability of the sewage treatment plant of water bureau. OLIF WORKINEH GWTEMA, a trainee representative, said that, the training brought them many new concepts of water service operation and consolidated their basic knowledge of sewage treatment, and he was grateful for such valuable opportunity provided by the Kaliti Project Department.

As the first sewage treatment plant officially put into operation in Ethiopia, the Kaliti Sewage Treatment Plant has a design scale of 100,000 cubic meters per day and adopts a combined scheme of upflow anaerobic sludge biological reaction (UASB) + biological trickling filtration technology. It is the largest sewage treatment plant in Ethiopia and even in East Africa. In 2019, CGGC signed a 3.5-year operation and maintenance contract for the Project, which was funded by the World Bank.

As the construction of the “Belt and Road” progresses with each passing day, the "Going Global" of high-end business supported by technology and standards has become a new requirement. As a pioneer in such endeavors, CGGC is focusing on water supply, sewage treatment and water environment comprehensive treatment to build a domestic leading and world-class professional water service provider integrating investment, construction and operation, to bring China Water Standards to Africa and the world and enable Chinese Standards to provide the decision-making basis for international water projects.


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