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Governor of Cuzco Region Inspects Cuzco Road Project
Date:2021-08-03 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]

On July 23 local time, Jean Paul Benavente García, Governor of Cusco, Peru, and his delegation visited the Cusco Road Project undertaken by CGGC.


Site inspection

After inspecting the project site, Mr. García said that the Cusco Road Project is an important project to improve the urban road traffic system in Cusco and is of great significance to the development of the tourism industry in Cusco. CGGC has overcome many difficulties in the construction of the Project, with satisfactory progress achieved.

The project manager expressed his gratitude to Mr. García for his recognition, saying that the Project Department will overcome the impact of the epidemic, continue to increase the input of resources, and with the assistance of the employer and all parties, accelerate the construction progress, and strive for early completion of the Project.

The governor and his delegation receive interviews by local media

At the inspection site, Mr. García and his delegation were interviewed by the local media.

The Cusco Project is located in the urban district of Cusco, Peru, close to Cusco Airport, and spans over three blocks in the east-west direction. Through road reconstruction and upgrading, it has formed a two-way multi-lane expressway. After completion, it will greatly improve the traffic situation around the airport. The construction of the project started on March 18, 2021, with a construction period of 24 months. So far, the subgrade excavation construction, box culvert concrete construction and bridge structure concrete construction have been started, and all the works on the Project are progressing smoothly.


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